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#1735 We’ll Never Know

June 20, 2023

Drew shares a thread about COVID origins as Adam shares a theory about when smart people say things like “we’ll never know”. Next, they take a call from someone who wants to hear their takes on child YouTubers becoming the primary breadwinners in their family before talking about the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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#1625 That’s Not How Nature Works

September 22, 2022

Adam opens the show telling Dr. Drew about a strange YouTube rabbit hole that he found himself going down when his normal TV programing wasn’t working leading to a global analysis of why humans have such a fear of insects. They also speak to a caller who is wondering how we can go back from the intermingling of politics & public health policy. After Adam shows Drew a commercial he saw recently about what foods people should be eating. They also discuss, as much as they can, a project that Dr. Drew filmed for an upcoming Fox TV show that’ll be premiering in January 2023. Adam also recounts an insane interaction he had with his mother that was almost too on brand to handle.

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#1605 A Little Bit

July 31, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew reunite this week and open the show discussing Dr. Fauci’s temporary bend towards sanity that quickly snapped back. They also discuss the role that media companies played in amping up or dampening down stories depending on the political outcome that they wanted to see. They also discuss a recent YouTube strike that Adam’s channel suffered as a result of a conversation between Drew & Mark Geragos on a recent episode of Reasonable Doubt, revisiting the video in question. As the show wraps up Adam brings back up his ‘chick think’ idea that he has been hammering for decades that is finally coming to light.

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