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#1880 Weapon or Soap Dish?

June 18, 2024

This week, Dr. Drew starts off by bringing up the recent Mark Cuban tweets that have caught his attention, Adam gets into the incidents that occurred on January 6th, and they discuss who is really is deeply psychologically scarred. Plus, the curious case of one way lies, and broken narcissism explained.

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#1271 You Can’t All Just DO This

May 17, 2020

Adam opens the show recounting to Dr. Drew an exceptionally vexing experience he had involving semi gloss paint and a new phenomenon, the magical spackle. The conversation then turns to the idea of memory and how awful memories are despite people’s extreme confidence in them. Using this lens they discuss Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations and the differences between the way the male mind thinks as opposed to the female mind and how the delineation between the two is becoming very much blurred. As the show wraps up Adam tells Drew about a sensible tweet he saw online from a politician and the reaction it elicited from him.

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#1126: Shed A Tear And Send Me Money

July 28, 2019

Adam and Drew open today’s episode of The Adam and Drew showing talking about celebrities who use external manifestations to hide something about their personal life that they don’t want the public to know about. Then the guys have a discussion about the current state of Racism in America. Before they wrap, Adam talks about left turn arrows in Burbank, CA.

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